About us

Leadership Experts' Group – is a training and consultancy company, uniting  professionals, who seek noble goals in business and education fields. 

LEG mission – to create a moral leadership based society. 

LEG vision – to be the first choice training and consultancy company in developing EQ (emotional intelligence). 

LEG values
  • Trust in self and others. When working with clients, we give them our full attention and we strive to create a relationship based on partnership and value creation. 
  • Professionalism. We spare no effort in achieving continuous growth – we use our experience and expert knowledge to create additional value and permanent positive changes for our clients and partners.
  • The courage to extend comfort zones. We believe that people and organizations have all the necessary resources to grow. Our goal is to encourage people to initiate change in order to achieve the best possible personal and organizational results.
  • Sincerity. It means being true to one's self. We create an environment, which is ruled by open communication and the unity of thoughts, words and actions.