About us

Leadership Experts' Group is a training and consultancy company, uniting  professionals, who seek noble goals in business and education fields. Although it has only been four years since establishing the company in 2011, our client list includes various small and large private businesses and public organizations. We join them in searching for creative solutions, we grow together, just work and enjoy the changes that take place in our meaningful cooperation.
In 2012 Leadership Experts' Group started collaborating with one of the world's best EQ (emotional intelligence) research and training organizations – Six Seconds (www.sixseconds.org). In 1997 Six Seconds was the first organization in the world to start science-based EQ research. It has lead to establishing 25 offices all over the world, uniting more than 50 000 EQ professionals who relentlessly seek to create positive changes.
We are happy to be a part of an EQ-promoting world-class team (http://www.6seconds.org/connect/partners/). It is an honor, responsibility, commitment and a proof of Leadership Expert's Group professionalism.
We offer Lithuania-validated, statistically trustworthy EQ competences-evaluating tools, globally tested methods to be applied in business or education and certified EQ consultants. It marks a new stage in trainings of developing EQ maturity both in teams and individually.
Numerous researches show that more than 70% of the final result depends on our EQ or our ability to create long-term, productive and constructive relationships, with no regard to what field you work in – sales, manufacturing, services or education. All Leadership Expert's Group programs are based on professional development of EQ: we use tests to measure EQ competences and self-awareness, revise attitudes, values and beliefs, establish the foundation for personal and team efficiency. It is our way of creating long-term changes in organizations.
LEG mission – to create a moral leadership based society.
LEG vision – to be the first choice training and consultancy company in developing EQ (emotional intelligence).
LEG values:
· Trust in self and others. When working with clients, we give them our full attention and we strive to create a relationship based on partnership and value creation.
· Professionalism. We spare no effort in achieving continuous growth – we use our experience and expert knowledge to create additional value and permanent positive changes for our clients and partners.
· The courage to extend comfort zones. We believe that people and organizations have all the necessary resources to grow. Our goal is to encourage people to initiate change in order to achieve the best possible personal and organizational results.
· Sincerity. It means being true to one's self. We create an environment, which is ruled by open communication and the unity of thoughts, words and actions.
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