Around 80% of all communication could be called negotiation. We negotiate every day, both in our personal and professional lives. In order to achieve positive outcomes we need to create a win-win situation and mutual understanding, which requires certain communication skills and attitudes.
When negotiating, we quite often face a clash of interests, attitudes, beliefs, which lead to conflicts and the negotiation stalls. Our goal is to see inside of the conflict, see it as an opportunity for all sides to share their true goals and values, understand each other's 'world model' and resolve the situation in a creative way.
In our negotiation and self-management in conflicts' trainings we most often discuss:
·  Ways to express the goal of a negotiation, set limits, choose a strategy as well as ways to achieve a realistic, positive outcome.
·  Ways to control the negotiation process in order to achieve a win-win situation. Using emotions prevent and overcome pressure and stress.
·  Psychological distinctions when negotiating with 'difficult' people.
·  The influence of body language in negotiations.
·  Best time to give your offer.
·  Assessing negotiation's results. Ways to identify effective and limiting behavioral strategies and use them.
·  EQ competences for conflict prevention, etc.
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