Emotional Intelligence

Very often in our personal efficiency trainings we ask our participants, whether they think it is possible to control stress, time, conflicts? We usually hear a unified 'yes'.
We see this differently.
Salvador Dali liked to say: 'People, you are so naive... Do you think you can control time? The moment you look at the clock and see the time, the moment had already passed. The only thing you can control is yourself in time...' We can continue – in stressful situations, arguments, etc.
Researchers have found that more than 70% of the final result is influenced by emotional intelligence (EQ)
The main groups of EQ competences are:
Personal competences. The ability to understand one's uniqueness, behavioral and action motives, hopes, goals, usual behavioral and response models.
Interpersonal competences. The ability to recognize others, see and comprehend differences, create relationships and maintain them.
Emotional Intelligence (EQ) has great influence on a person's efficiency, health, quality of relationships, decision-making.
In personal efficiency trainings the participants learn ways to decrease daily stress levels, wisely use emotional information for self-management, limiting behavioral and mental stereotypes, try out easily applicable ways to manage stress and ways to create a motivational atmosphere in both personal and professional lives.
Identifying work priorities, the ability to say 'no', determining daily work biorhythms, recognizing time-wasting tasks and other self-management questions are explored in the following trainings:
Self-management in stressful situations.
Effective time management.
Personal and team creativity.
Managing self-confidence, etc.
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