How we work

Every seminar is unique
We ask and we listen. It is important to us to fully understand your organisation's situation, goals, challenges, insights and actions that were taken. The more we get, the more useful we are to an organisation.
We work on the level of values, beliefs and attitudes
We invite you to revise you personal values, beliefs and attitudes during our training.
Knowledge and skill development techniques can create long-lasting personal and team changes only if one follows clearly understood values, personal responsibilities and potential-enabling beliefs.
We work using real situations
In our trainings we model situations that reflect you challenges and we strive to enable you to use the knowledge and skills gained in real-life situations.
We share principles and tools
Our experience shows that the best results are achieved when people identify and establish principles, which regulate behavior, instead of following pre-made behavioral recipes or advice.
Where others see challenges, we see opportunities
We believe that people have all the necessary resources to achieve their personal and team goals – every person has a potential to grow. We encourage people/organisations to see a common goal, seek value for both sides in communication and to create long-term productive and constructive relationships.
We create a stimulating work environment
We use scientifically proven tools, validated in Lithuania, to assess EQ competences, personal qualities, team roles, etc. to enhance the participant's self-awareness. It strengthens the participants' involvement in the trainings and their motivation to seek long-lasting, permanent changes.
We use various ways to give information and teach skills so that people with different learning styles, personality profiles and levels of skills can receive the information and learn skills in ways that are familiar to them.
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