Life is always a team game, but not every group of people, working together, can be called a team.
A group is a number of people, who have something in common: activities, relationships, interests, belonging to the same organisation.
A team is two or more people, who have the necessary competences to achieve a common goal, are interconnected and influence each other.
A team is efficient when:
·  All members of the team understand what common goal and results are expected.
·  The result is clear and understandable to all team members.
·  The team openly shares information and solve problems together.
·  The team continuously search for new resources and opportunities to grow.
·  Through synergy the team members achieve more together than they would individually.
When one joins a team, he/she brings not only their knowledge and skills, but also their own system of beliefs, attitudes, evaluation, unconscious hopes and behavioral strategies. That is what creates a unique team dynamic and sets certain rules among the team members. Sometimes this can lead to a field of Ego battles – the team does not achieve results and becomes disfunctional.
Our goal is to open the team's dynamic processes, establish attitudes and beliefs required for communication and cooperation, and respect and trust based atmosphere in a team through experience.

Together we look answers to questions, establish constructive cooperation and communication rules and skills through team forming trainings:
·  A leader's influence on the team.
·  Creating a team based on team role's theory (dr.M.Belbin).
·  Creating a team through personal characteristics' theory 6FPQ (method is validated in Lithuania and is specifically applied to the business).
·  Team EQ (emotional intelligence) competences' development training, based on LEG partner's, Six Seconds (USA), competence development model and methods. We use a unique, Lithuanian society-validated EQ competences' measuring test.
·  More about our partners Six Seconds:  
·  Military consultant's led team emotional intelligence and team forming trainings.
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