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When Joe Girard, the most successful car salesman, whose results made it to Guinness World Records Book, was asked how he achieved his exceptional results, he said: 'There is nothing more effective in sales, than letting the client believe, truly believe, that you really like him/her and you care about them.'

It seems to be very simple, and it is certainly nothing new in sales trainings. The sales models have gradually changed, however, the modern sales model raises an unprecedented challenge – everything in communication between a salesperson and the client must be real. The most important things – unconditional respect to the client and their opinions; empathy in order to understand the client's needs and wants; and sincerity – the real feelings of the salesperson. Any manipulations can be identified momentarily, as the clients have enough experiences to see them through.

The most important thing to overcome this challenge is the salesperson's emotional maturity: attitudes, beliefs, perceptions, empathy, resistance to failure, etc. Nowadays, it is a necessary working condition if the company is to enter the market competition. Of course, it is also obvious that immaculate sales and client services knowledge and skills are a basic necessity.

Most common topics at sales and client services trainings:
1.  Selling ≠ To sell. What attitudes and beliefs are required at a modern sales process?
2.  Working with sales skills (questionning to understand the clients' needs and building relationships; persuasive arguments; working with the clients' disagreements and complaints).
3.  Client typology according to differences in decision-making.
4.  Selling products and services to a group of people.
5.  Establishing the organisation's client services standards through practical sessions.
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